Trevor Eve

Lighthearted detective series set in Bristol, about Eddie Shoestring, a radio-phone-in detective

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Trevor Eve
Michael Medwin
Liz Crowther
Doran Godwin

  Series 1 : 11 episodes - 50 minutes each.

Eddie Shoestring is a computer expert who suffers a nervous breakdown. After a period of convalescence Shoestring decides to try his hand at detective work. His landlady, solicitor Erica Bayliss arranges for him to investigate a potential scandal involving an entertainer who works for the local Radio West.

N.B.There are 11 episodes in the first series - I only currently (September 2010) have the first 6 (as listed below), but hope to get the remaining episodes, plus series 2 in the near future. Please ask before ordering.

  Never released on commercial DVD.

    Private Ear
    Knock For Knock
    Higher Ground
    An Uncertain Cirlce
    Listen To Me
    Nine Tenths Of The Law

1979 11 x 50 click here
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2 disks

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