Comedy Connections

Comedy Connections - BBC documentary series

Comedy Connections is a BBC One documentary series produced by BBC Scotland that has aired since 2003. The show looks at the stories behind the production of some of Britain's comedy television programmes, showing how they tie in with the production of other comedy shows (hence "connections"). The shows feature interviews with some of the cast and crew of the subject programme, as well as footage from the series.

Comedy Connections mostly documents BBC comedies and sitcoms, although two programmes have been from ITV (three counting Men Behaving Badly which moved from ITV to the BBC after one series) and two from Channel 4.

The first series consisted of six episodes, however the rest of the series consist of eight episodes each, the first two series where narrated by Julia Sawalha, however the rest of the series have since been narrated by Doon Mackichan.

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Comedy Connection

  Comedy Connection : 30 minutes per episode.

    3 Of A Kind
    A Bit Of Fry & Laurie
    Father Ted
    Not The 9 O'Clock News
    Monty Python - Holy Grail
    Red Dwarf
    Reggie Perrin
    Ripping Yarns
    Shooting Stars
    The Goodies
    Victoria Wood

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