Robbie Coltrane

Robbie Coltrane is a Cracker!

Robbie Coltrane, OBE (born Anthony Robert McMillan; 30 March 1950 in Rutherglen, South Lanarkshire,) is a Scottish actor, comedian and author. He is known both for his role as Dr Eddie "Fitz" Fitzgerald in the British TV series Cracker and as Rubeus Hagrid in the Harry Potter films.

His father, Ian Baxter McMillan, was a general practitioner who also served as a forensic police surgeon.

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Cracker - To Be Somebody

Robbie Coltrane
Geraldine Somerville
Kieran O'Brien
Barbara Flynn
Lorcan Cranitch
Ricky Tomlinson
hristopher Eccleston

  Series 2 - To Be Somebody : Episodes 1,2 & 3.

This mystery series from the U.K. outlines the adventures of a psychologist employed by the police to aid them in profiling and questioning suspects. "Fitz" (Robbie Coltrane), an avowed drunkard and gambler, has an uncanny knack for boring directly into the hearts and minds of his subjects, many of whom may in fact be saner than he is...

1994 200 click to donate



Cracker - The Big Crunch

Robbie Coltrane
Geraldine Somerville
Ricky Tomlinson

  Series 2 - The Big Crunch : Episodes 4 [of 3 parts]

Kenneth Trant is from all appearances a well-respected member of the community. He is the Headmaster of a local school and is leader of his own church, The Fellowship of Souls. That is until his sister-in-law sees him making love to a 17-year old member of the congregation. She tells his wife what is going on and has photographs to prove it but the situation takes an altogether different complexion when the girl, Joanne Barnes, reveals that she is pregnant.

1994 50 click to donate


Tutti Frutti

Robbie Coltrane
Maurice RoŽves
Emma Thompson
Richard Wilson
Stuart McGugan
Jake D'arcy
Ron Donache

  Tutti Frutti

Legendary Scots fictiscious Rock 'n' Roll band The Majestics find themselves in trouble on the eve of their 25th anniversary tour when their singer, Big Jazza, is killed in a car crash.

The group's manager Eddie Clockerty (Wilson) talks Big Jazza's younger brother, Danny (Coltrane), home from New York for the funeral, into joining the band as their new lead singer.

Suzi Kettles (Thompson), a sharp cookie and old classmate of Danny, picks up the guitar and also joins the band. From that moment the ill fated tour and the band's fortunes appear to take a turn for the better.

Source : VHS tape (original TV broadcast), and transfered to DVD-R


    1. The Boy Can't Help It

    2. On The Road Again

    3. Gin A Body Dig A Body

    4. Don't You Rock Me Daddy-O

    5. Love Hurts

    6. A Wop-Boppa Loo-Bop A Wop-Bam Boom

1987 6 x 55 click to donate
2 disks


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