The Black Stuff

The Black Stuff

The program was filmed in 1978 and ready for broadcast by the end of that year. A internal dispute within the BBC led to a postponement of over a year. While most people assume the play was written in response to Margaret Thatcher coming to power it was in fact written over 18 months before this happened.

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The Black Stuff

Bernard Hughes
Michael Angelis
Tom Georgeson
Alan Igbon
Gary Bleasdale
Peter Kerrigan

  The Black Stuff : 100 minutes

A group of workers from Liverpool travel to Middlesborough in their transit van to lay tarmac on the roads of a new housing estate in the North East of England. Whilst there, they get up to all sorts of mayhem, the young lad who is the teaboy is told by the older men to put plenty of sugar in the his tea because it will help his sex drive.

Meanwhile the guys have a dream of owning their own tarmac gang, and go off to a local bank to try to borrow the money for their scheme, but are eventually ripped off by two Irish tinkers. Most of the cast went to on to be big names in Great Britain. This is a real classic which lead to a full series - The Boys From The Black Stuff in 1982.

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