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What is Rare TV?

What is rare TV? Whatever you want it to be.

Everyone has TV recordings stashed away on old VHS video tapes and DVD etc. The rarity   depends on whether the recordings have been given a commercial release on VHS or DVD.

Whatever you have or would like to have you can bet someone else has some of all of what you're looking for. For some its Dr Who, for others childrens programmes of the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s etc.

With the above in mind this site is here to allow everyone to share - you can trade or pay a small amount for what you want.


The quality of any TV recording depends on many factors - most in this collection are good to excellent - there is no point trading bad quality.

In the listing the quality is indicated on a sliding scale and will be relative to the media recorded on to at the time (VHS / DVD).