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        Donate with Google Checkout

Google Checkout : This is the main option on this site from 7th Dec 2011 onwards.
 Paypal : Need to ? Pay me using - [ not clickable - copy / paste]

Google Checkout
To pay using Checkout, log in to your Google email account, or create a free one at ...

You will need a Credit / Debit card connected to your
      (Log in and go to My Account / Checkout / Edit Payment Methods).
Any problems or questions just email me. [not clickable]

Google Checkout only
Please select from the correct drop-down menu below - all prices include postage.

     UK Cost:

            None-UK Cost:

Finally once you have paid at Google, then you must email me at [not clickable] to inform me which disks you want.

If the amount you want to pay is not in a drop-down menu or you're unsure what to do, email me at [not clickable - copy / paste it]

Please select from the menu the
correct amount as specified on
the original page.
1.CD / DVD Title :
2.CD / DVD Title :
Rest Of World
Please select from the menu the
correct amount as specified on
the original page.
Name of CD / DVD : 1
Name of CD / DVD : 2
Is the amount you want to make not in a list above ? Not sure what to do ?

Email me at, tell me which DVDs you want, and and I'll send you a
xxxxx Invoice by email for the correct amount with simple instructions of how to pay.
You don't have to have a xxxxx account to do this, but as it's free why not set one up.

The email link above is not clickable (to stop spambots).
Just write it down and use Outlook Express or your regular email client to contact me.




Disks supplied by DVD247 are Region Free  [new window] so will play in any country on the correct equipment - TV, Desktop PC, Mac or Laptop. Please ensure your equipment is compatible before ordering (PAL / NSTC).  Terms & Conditions apply.

If your dvd player uses the NSTC forma tplease inform me of this when ordering otherwise you may receive PAL formatted disks by default which may not play in your TV / DVD Player, although they will play on your PC / Mac.